Alternate Helicopter Part Numbers? Say What?

Heli-Parts Nevada(HPN) tell me this normal….

I enjoy nothing more than opening a new shipment of helicopter parts! A bit like Christmas morning without the snow! Some might think this sounds odd, but in my training at HPN, I have the opportunity to experience, first hand, one of the top AS350 and EC130 engine and Airframe Helicopter Part Inventories in the Country. There is nothing more exciting than opening a crate containing a Modular, Engine, FCU, FWS, Epicyclic, AVA and one of my favorites, the Tail Rotor Blade! Whoop! Whether it’s coming to us for an exchange, or brand spanking new, the experience is exhilarating. Learning to identify and carefully handle the component, brings forth the sense of responsibility, precision, and attention to quality assurance that's second to none.

One of the things that I’ve recently experienced while searching for helicopter parts, is the many alternative part numbers that exist. I find after checking into a part number a little deeper, that often times, the part does exist, it just has an alternate. Taking it a step further and verifying accuracy is a critical process that requires up to date information. This might seem like old hat to those of you with years of experience in this industry, but for me, it's a reminder to reach for the stars, go the extra mile, persistence pays, always check and cross check!

Here at Heli-Parts Nevada, we provide specialized customer services, cross referencing and checking of our databases to ensure that "if the part fits, fly it!”

Onward and Upward~

Heli-Parts Girl

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