Pulselite Available Now!


Heli-Parts Nevada is proud to bring you Pulselite, now available on our shop. This new product is a great way to ensure visibility for your aircraft, and it works with most aircraft.

You can find this part by visiting our online store; or by contacting us today to see how we can help you get this part installed on your aircraft.

But what does Pulselite do?

This part takes your currently existing lights and makes them better. Pulselite then flashes the landing, taxi and recognition lights that are already installed. The flashing, or 'pulsing', is accomplished by a pattern pulsing the lights 45 times per minute; resulting in the visibility of your aircraft will increasing. This new measure of safety is now available at Heli-Parts Nevada.


Other than ensuring the safety of your passengers? Of course! There is a higher guarantee of collision avoidance, and bird strike avoidance. Secondly, this part is certified for use in most aircraft right out the box. Additionally, if there is a specific configuration needed for your lights, they are easily programmable into this part to make it work with your aircraft.

Contact us today for more information; and let our years of expertise work for you! In addition to your Pulselite, we have even more ways to improve and maintain our customer's aircraft, so contact us today to see how we can use our expertise for you.

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