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Authorized Helisafe Helicom USA Distributor


Heli-Parts Nevada is proud to partner with Helisafe and bring you Helicom – The Industry’s Leading Aircraft Onboard Monitoring System! Designed from pioneer technologies Helicom enables automatic data transmission for analysis at the end of every flight.

Based on the knowledge gained on more than 60,000+ flight hours stored on the Safetyplane, ISEI has designed, developed and industrialized the Helicom; a FDMT (Flight Data Monitoring & Transmitting) system for helicopters. Helicom systems fully comply with the EASA OPS 3 requirement and are HFDM, UMS, HOMP and FOQA.

The unit is a very light single box install that will monitor the engine and flight perimeter and text anyone you set up when an event occurs. the events are set up to “pre-warn” you of a condition or issue that may be occurring, or of an actual event that is not so good but occurred. It will allow you to set up speed, inclination (angle of flight profile) height of flight (too low to ground) etc.

Because you can have warnings leading up to what may later be an “event”, this is also a great training tool. It will tell you if the pilot is flying quick and low, it will tell you if the pilot is taking off nose-over like a maniac, it will tell you of engine temps or pre temps… a great feature is it’s ability to text the Director of Operations, the VP and the Owner of the company, or whom ever you wish. It is real time. If you think about it, the competition provides monitoring systems with video, that is great to capture the event after the case, but not real time, not in a fashion of “you nearly approached an unsafe condition”… this unit CAN!!!

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