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Multi-User Audio Controller

  • Forestry Service version
  • Multi-User Audio Controller with dual radio controls to independently select radio transmit and receiver audio
  • Dual channel configuration provides independent radio control for pilot and co-pilot within a single controller plus intercom support for the crew and five passengers
  • COM 1, AUX 2, FM 1, FM 2, AUX 2, and PA selections
  • Transmit capability for 5 COMs with Auto-receive function
  • Receiver select switches for first 4 COMs
  • High headphone output with up to 500 mW per channel
  • Intercom supports 2 crew plus 5 passengers
  • Intercom features Active Noise Filtering (ANF) system to achieve best possible intercommunications in noisy aircraft environments
  • Voice activated (VOX) squelch
  • Two direct inputs are provided to accomodate functions such as Rad Alt, GPS Alerts, Low Rotor, or Telephone Ringer
  • Front panel selectable emergency mode switches the pilot’s headphones directly to selected radio


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