Different types of Helicopter Cost

Different factors for Helicopter Cost 1. What type of helicopter is it? First and foremost, the most cost you may expect would be the cost to buy the helicopter in the first place. Even still, this is not a simple answer due to how many different types of helicopter there are, and thus different helicopter…
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Our Most Common Helicopter Part Replacements

Have you ever wondered what are the common repairs for a helicopter? Either to see if a repair you find yourself paying for repeatedly is common or not; or just general curiosity. We have gathered together a list of our most common helicopter part repairs and replacement for your information. Please keep in mind two…
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Convention News: Pulselite is expanding its Precise Flight Bird-Strike Prevention

What is Pulselite? Pulselite (Now available in our online shop)- -is a part meant to increase your ships visibility without the need to purchase new lighting setups. It pulses the exterior lights to make the helicopter significantly more recognizable to humans, and more accurately reflects its proximity, speed and directional movement. Airbus Helicopter and Precise…
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Kenya meets FAA requirements

Kenya has met FAA requirements This means that the FAA has cleared commercial airlines for flights to the United States, according to Washington. The FAA reported that Kenya has met the international safety standards and has been granted a Category 1 rating from their international Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) program. But it might not mean…
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