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Turbomeca Engines and Parts


Your HPN team offers a range of services for your Turbomeca Engine. We offer all work for your engines including overhaul on Turbomeca engines. Our services work for Arriel 1 and Arriel 2 Engines. Contact us today for more information. Let our years of expertise work for you!

Engines We Support:

  • Arriel 1
  • Arriel 2

What Are the Levels of Maintenance?

Level 1

At this level, we offer preventative maintenence on your engine. At this level, the engine is complete and all the external parts can be replaced. We have the ability to provide you with all the parts necessary, for your mechanics to change in the field.

At this level, the engine has been removed from the Helicopter. Typically it is maintenance preformed on the modular portion of the engine. Level II instructs the mechanic on replacement of modules, as well as any level 1 parts required for the task. We have all level II components and modules the mechanic would require to preform this function.

Level 2

Level 3

At this stage, certain Level 4 tasks can be completed without having to send the engine back to the overhaul facility It can be preformed in the field or in the Level III shop. Level III permits the certificated technician to work on the internal parts of the engine modules. M02, M03, M04, and seals in the M01. Level III does not permit work on the M05.


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