Component Exchanges and Rentals

Company Rental and Component Exchange

Heli-Parts Nevada’s (HPN) extensive in-house stock of engines, components and gearboxes offers our clients a range of options to keep you flying! We offer out-right sales, exchanges, part exchanges and rentals depending on your needs and budget.  Nothing is too small or too large for our experienced and highly qualified staff to present ideas, offer guaranteed pricing and solutions to your helicopter requirements.

Heli-Parts Nevada offers a range of services including:

Turbomeca, Overhaul, Repair, Rental, Exchange, HeliPartsNevada, Europe, Germany, Sweden, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Panama, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Britain

  • Complete Engines
  • Engine Modules
  • Bevel Reduction Gearboxes
  • TGB's (Tailrotor Gearboxes)
  • Epicyclics
  • Rotor Blades

Engines we service include:

rentals and exchanges program at HeliParts Nevada

  • Arriel 1B
  • Arriel 1D
  • Arriel 1D1
  • Arriel 2B
  • Arriel 2B1

Aircraft We Service:

Component Exchanges

Heli-Parts Nevada (HPN) specializes and carries a large stock of new and used Turbomeca turbine engines. Also available are parts and components. These include rentals and exchanges for the Domestic and International Aviation Community.

Your HPN team has an aviation background that makes them acutely aware of aircraft DOC’s – purchasing what will save the customer time and money. Let our years of expertise work for you.


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