Our Most Common Helicopter Part Replacements

Have you ever wondered what are the common repairs for a helicopter? Either to see if a repair you find yourself paying for repeatedly is common or not; or just general curiosity. We have gathered together a list of our most common helicopter part repairs and replacement for your information.

Please keep in mind two things, 1) This list is in no particular order, and 2) This is reflective of work that passes our desks, and may be different at other locations.

Arriel 1 and 2 Engine Modules

arriel 1d1 helicopter part list

Arriel 1D1 Engine, one of the engines we service here at Heli-Parts Nevada

An engine part might be an obvious pick. This comes with general use, even from just starting the helicopter. However, we cannot remove it from this list due to importance. It is always a safety concern that your engine is performing at it's best, so constant maintenance is best.

Cross Beam

Crossbeam Helicopter part diagraom

Crossbeam Helicopter Part Diagram

Considering how this is the part that connects the rotor blades to the rest of the assembly that attaches your flight rotor to your helicopter, constant care of this part is of no surprise to us.


Otherwise known as the Anti-Vibration Assembly(AVA), this is for securing the main rotor to the fuselage and is also meant to filter out or remove vibrations between the rotor and the Fuselage.

Bevel Reduction Gearbox

Bevel Reduction Gearbox Helicopter Part

A Bevel Gearbox Componenet

One of the most common parts in Rotocraft's this is used in the main and tail rotor gearboxes to drive the rotors themselves. Want to keep your aircraft in the air? The rotor's need to keep spinning then.

Tail Rotor Spider

Tail Rotor Spider Helciopter Part

A diagram showing where the tail rotor spider fits in

The short definition for this is this holds your tail rotor to the helicopter itself. This part fails, gets old, or just needs replacing, there is a real risk of your tail rotor flying off without you.


A gear train that consists of two or more gears rotating due to interacting with each other. This is the primary source of vibration and noise, the vibration causing this part to fall out of repair easier than most.


Swash Plate Helicopter Part

An assembled Swashplate component

Main point of vibration, this part is in charge of tilting the main rotor to assist with the driving of your helicopter. This part fails, the rotor might stop spinning and steering the helicopter becomes infinitely harder.

Oil Pump

Oil Pump Helicopter Part

Just like in a car, the lack of an oil pump, or one failing can severely dampen your helicopter's performance, if not causing irreversible damage to your craft's internals.

Tail Rotor Gearbox

Tail Rotor Gearbox Helicopter Part

We end our list on a common part that is meant to keep your tail rotor spinning. Without a working tail rotor, turning of the helicopter becomes almost impossible, if it doesn't send you into a spin due to it not compensating for the turn the engine puts to spin the main rotor.

In the future, if you have one of these parts up for repair, it may not even be a faulty part, or bad luck that it continues to happen. This list is full of high use parts that need constant care, and we here at Heli-Parts Nevada are more than capable of handling these and many others. Let us keep you in the air longer!

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