Airbus is working with Uber – “Helicopters on Demand”

Helicopters On Demand

In light of the Sundance Festival coming up soon, Airbus is working with Uber to provide Helicopters on Demand. No this does not mean that you can get a ride from anywhere you  want via helicopter (Darnit!). It does, however, mean that for a fee; you and up to 5 other people can be dropped directly into the middle of the festival.

Normally, a drive to the festival would take roughly 40 minutes, depending on where you are. But if this gets out of the concept phase, you can be airlifted straight in after a 15 minute flight. Not to mention the visuals that you would get to see as you fly in.

Something like this happened at the Cannes Film festival, as well as between Manhattan and the Hamptons, where Uber attempted the idea of using helicopters by phone; but, it seems this is the first time Airbus is getting involved. They have offered the H125 and H130 up for use.

Prices are iffy at best when it comes to the flights, but you can expect to be paying the upper hundreds maybe even thousands for the service. The bright side is that this can be split with the other passengers if you are sharing a ride.

How do you feel about this venture? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, I'd like to hear your take on this latest venture.

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