Convention News: Pulselite is expanding its Precise Flight Bird-Strike Prevention

What is Pulselite?

Pulselite (Now available in our online shop)-

-is a part meant to increase your ships visibility without the need to purchase new lighting setups. It pulses the exterior lights to make the helicopter significantly more recognizable to humans, and more accurately reflects its proximity, speed and directional movement.

Airbus Helicopter and Precise Flight (booth 4317) were granted an amended supplemental type certificate (STC) for Precision Flight's Pulselite bird-strike- prevention system. This part is currently installed on over 25,000 aircraft, including the EC135, H135, EC145, and AS350 models.

According to Precise Flight, Pulselite is:

-the only FAA approved onboard solution proven to reduce bird strikes for commercial aviation.

USDA [Department of Agriculture] went on to confirm that stationary lights provide the illusiont that the aircraft is stationary. By pulsing the lights, the lights are given movement and we have a better understanding of its size and speed.

The Pulselite system is available as both a standard safety option on new aircraft form Airbus Helicopters and is also available as an aftermarket modification.

Evidence of decreased bird strikes has made pulselite a prerequisite for Tour Operators Program of Safety(TOPS), according to Precise Flight Jen Boyer.


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